Hi, I’m Stacey! Welcome to my blog. I started this as a way to document my journey with healthier eating, fitness, and weight loss but over time I wanted to share the other things that I care about: fashion, makeup, beauty, and how life seems to make a lot of these things more difficult once you’re in your mid-30s. I decided to expand the theme of the blog, hence “Not 26 Anymore” was born. I chose 26 because that was around the age that I started to feel like an adult.

For the last few years, makeup and beauty have become a bigger and bigger hobby. I enjoy watching makeup tutorials and trying new products. I put my very first video on YouTube in March 2017! There are definitely unique aspects of using makeup when you also have fine lines and wrinkles, and I blog and vlog about some of my favorite products! I have always loved thrifting and consignment shopping, so I will share about my favorite finds as well. My boyfriend Jon and I have just purchased a house and will be doing some small renovations as well as decorating, so I am sure there will be some stories about that too. I you are interested in just one of these topics, use the “Read More About” section over on your right to choose a category. That way you don’t have to see makeup stuff if you’re into fitness, or healthy recipes if you just care about beauty products!

In Spring of 2016 I herniated a disc doing some dumbell flies with a weight that was too heavy for me. I got off-track waiting for that to heal but I started getting back into healthy fitness routines and eating clean that fall. I lost 8% body fat between August 2016 and May 2017! I started doing a modified version of the ketogenic (keto) diet in April 2017 and have had great results.

About Me
Me and my boyfriend at Niagara falls I’m 36, I live in Mississippi, I’m a social worker (LMSW) and I have spent most of my career working in mental health therapy. One day I hope to be able to combine my passions of mental health and physical health (clean eating, fitness) into a career. I believe that for many of us, our mental health is linked to our poor physical health – whether we are an emotional eater, a stress junkie using sugar for a high, a chronic under-sleeper that uses caffeine to function, etc. My goal is to become a certified wellness coach so that I can help other people on their journey of living a healthier life.

I have a fabulous teenage stepson who lives with us as well as a cool step-daughter who lives with her mother. I love to spend time outdoors with my three dogs, and enjoy hiking. In addition to reading just about everything and writing on my blogs, I enjoy almost all kinds of music. I am on social media every day so let’s connect on Facebook and Instagram too!


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