Hi, I’m Stacey! Welcome to my blog. I started this as a way to document my journey with healthier eating, fitness, and weight loss but over time I wanted to share the other things that I care about: fashion, makeup, beauty, and how life seems to make a lot of these things more difficult once you’re in your mid-30s. I decided to expand the theme of the blog, hence “Not 26 Anymore” was born. I chose 26 because that was around the age that I started to feel like an adult.

For the last few years, makeup and beauty have become a bigger and bigger hobby. I enjoy watching makeup tutorials and trying new products. I put my very first video on YouTube in March 2017! There are definitely unique aspects of using makeup when you also have fine lines and wrinkles, and I blog and vlog about some of my favorite products! I have always loved thrifting and consignment shopping, so I will share about my favorite finds as well. If you are interested in just one of these topics, use the “Read More About” section over on your right to choose a category. That way you don’t have to see makeup stuff if you’re into fitness, or healthy recipes if you just care about beauty products!

Since beginning my weight loss journey at my heaviest weight in 2009 I have yo-yoed, losing some weight, gaining some weight, but as of 2019 I have lost a total of 26 pounds and 9% body fat using a variety of methods. I have found that eating healthy (whatever that looks like) and exercise are basically all it takes for me to lose weight. I still struggle with emotional eating and stress eating sugary sweets.

Most recently, January-Febuary 2019, I lost 12 pounds doing a 6 week shred from GaugeGirl Training. I do not have a goal weight really, but I would like to lose 10% more body fat and fit into a size Misses 10 dress/pant.

About Me
I’m 38, I live in Mississippi, I’m a social worker (LMSW) and I have spent most of my career working in mental health therapy. One day I hope to be able to combine my passions of holistic mental health (physical health as well as mental health) into my career. I believe that for many of us, our mental health is linked to our poor physical health – whether we are an emotional eater, a stress junkie using sugar for a high, a chronic under-sleeper that uses caffeine to function, etc. My goal is to become a certified wellness coach so that I can help other people on their journey of living a healthier life.

I just got married in September 2018 to my boyfriend of four years. I love to spend time outdoors hiking with my husband and our three dogs. In addition to reading just about everything and writing on my blogs, I enjoy almost all kinds of music. I love to watch YouTube and beauty guru gossip is my guilty pleasure. I post daily on Instagram so lets be sure to connect @Not26Anymore and @Not26AnymoreBeauty! I also have a new YouTube video on my channel every Monday.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. K.J says:

    So excited to follow your blog! I love makeup and everything as well and currently on a journey to shed some pounds. Funny thing is I have my BS in Psychology but my title is social worker at the bachelor level AND I live in Mississippi! Following you on all social platforms ASAP 🙂


    • Not 26 Anymore with Stacey says:

      Hi, welcome!! I’m so glad you like the blog. That’s so funny all the things we have in common! Makeup is such a relaxing thing for me, it really helps with the stress of being in the helping field. I find the blending of eye shadow really soothing. Lol.


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