Boxycharm Downtown Charm June 2017 Realher Playbook 1 Be Your Own Kind of Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Boxycharm Downtown Charm June 2017 Unboxing Plus a Review of Realher Playbook 1 Be Your Own Kind of Beauty Review

I got my first Boxycharm box in June 2017 and I loved it so much I had to make a video about it!
This article and video contain full spoilers for the Downtown Charm box.

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The Downtown Charm Boxycharm box

Boxycharm Downtown Charm box June 2017 Review I had been thinking about subscribing to Boxycharm since I first heard of it. The products are full size, which is pretty rare for a box that only costs $21 a month. Several other boxes do full sized products but they’re quarterly boxes not monthly and they are more expensive.

I typically look at spoilers and reviews on My Subscription Addiction and when I saw the spoilers for this box I really wanted it. I was hesitant to subscribe because even though the price is really reasonable I wasn’t sure that I should commit to a monthly charge right now. I told a friend I thought I would just buy the Realher palette since that was the item that Boxycharm Downtown Charm June 2017 Realher Playbook 1 Be Your Own Kind of Beauty Eyeshadow Palette I wanted the most. When I went to their website, I saw that the palettes retail for $28 each so the entire Boxycharm box was less than buying the palette on its own! That sealed it for me.

I was definitely not disappointed in my first box! I describe each item and tell you what I like most in my YouTube video so please check that out. I go into detail about the Realher palette. There were three that you could have gotten, Realher Playbook 1 Be Your Own Kind of Beauty, 2 Do Your Squats, or 3 I Feel Beautiful. I really liked 1 and 3 the best so I was pleased to receive Playbook 1. I would have been happy with either of those. I will likely buy Playbook 3 I Feel Beautiful sometime in the future. I really like that Realher’s gross profits are all donated to a charity that empowers women and girls. This is the second look I created with the palette, I absolutely love it and I got so many compliments! If you are interested in subscribing, consider using my URL to do so, I will get points that I can use on items in the Boxycharm store.  My look with Realher playbook 1 Be your own kind of beauty eyeshadow palette with Jeffree Star Summer 2016 Collection Velour Liquid Lipstick Watermelon Soda

Jeffree Star Alternative Press Magazine cover and Summer 2016 Collection Velour Liquid Lipstick Limited Edition

Jeffree Star Issues a Statement on Racism Videos From His Past But Is He Still Racist?

It’s funny that this was timed this way but I actually took issue with someone using Jeffree Star to drive traffic to their website while claiming to take issue with him and the way that he acts. Usually I don’t say things to strangers, I have a very strong facebook rule of: “don’t argue with strangers on the internet.” Occasionally I am moved to break my rule and I was not rude, I just said that I felt like that was hypocritical. If there are people I don’t like or don’t respect, you will not see me making money or trying to get hits off their name, that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Do you condone racism?

Every time a release gets closer, the “I don’t buy Jeffree Star products because he is a racist” comments start. My boyfriend asked me what happened that people say that, because I am a very open and accepting person and I do not tolerate racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious persecution, etc etc etc in my life. I am a social worker and we are educated to serve ALL people and to actually overcome whatever prejudices we have. That’s actually part of the social work curriculum. My boyfriend thought that it didn’t really make sense, knowing me, so I of course went to YouTube and watched a video with him. It’s a great video and I do recommend it.

Kat Blaque video Is Jeffree Star racist

Jeffree Star never apologized for racist video

One of the things that Kat Blaque says, and I do hope you watched her whole video because I do recommend it, she is not a Jeffree Star fangirl like I am, is that he never apologized for the video that he made 12 years ago. I didn’t think that was true but I didn’t know of a place that I could definitively say “yes he apologized” only that as many people say he apologized as say he didn’t – it was all really just word of mouth.

Jeffree Star addresses accusations that he is a racist because of a video he made 12 years agoI’m glad I grew up before Youtube and camera phones existed

One of the things that is mentioned in the above video is something that I’ve always felt about this situation, that is that everyone does stuff that they regret once they know better. Some of us are old enough that we do not have videos following us around for the rest of our lives. I’m only 5 or 6 years older than Jeffree is but that span of time was enough to make a lot of my crazy, drunken, early 20s antics safe from being preserved for posterity. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt video and photos of me that I would regret would be on the internet if I were 26 right now instead of 36, so I always empathized with that aspect of this story because I am not the person that I was 10 years ago or 15 years ago so I understood that who he is as a cosmetics creator is not who he was when he was an entertainer on Myspace doing whatever he felt would get the most controversy and views.

Does apologizing make it ok?

No. An apology doesn’t erase what is done but I think that it’s something to pay attention to. Jeffree released a video on YouTube June 20th to finally address those videos and how he feels about them today. I think it is worth watching. He owns up to his actions, acknowledges that they were “vile”, explains that he was angry and looking for attention but also expressly states that he knows that is not an excuse. Truthfully, he is doing fine and making tons of money so he did not have to make a video addressing this but you can tell that the situation hurts him.

I don’t care I won’t ever support him because of what he did, period

That is your right. I know there are people out there who will say I am a racist for supporting Jeffree but that is not accurate. I think he made a mistake and has learned from it and apologized – something that many celebrities never do for the horrible things Jeffree Star Alternative Press Magazine cover and Summer 2016 Collection Velour Liquid Lipstick Limited Editionthey say/do. I think that Jeffree is scapegoated. There are plenty of other CEOs and companies with racist practices that actually exploit minorities but no one is boycotting them because it’s easy to not buy lipstick online – it’s a lot harder to not shop at Wal-mart (which I do not) because they keep people in poverty and to not buy oranges because they use undocumented migrant workers. I could list hundreds of examples but I won’t.

Makeup has no race or gender

The one thing that I loved the first time I discovered Jeffree Star Cosmetics was how the website had swatches on different skin types. That has become more common especially with independent makeup companies but mainstream makeup is still really marketed to white women. The entire industry is racist frankly. To not show swatches on several different skin types is indicative of that. We have been having discussions in feminist circles for decades about lack of representation of women of color, of the use of their bodies to sell products, of them being used like props in videos for people like Taylor Swift. I can remember when the only model of color was Naomi Campbell. It hasn’t really gotten that much better in the last 20 years. I honestly never thought that I would see a man in an advertisement for makeup.

Jeffree Star and Nikita Dragun in the Velour Liquid Lipstick Holiday 2016 collection with limited edition color SaggitariusBottom line it’s the best liquid lipstick on the market

I have seen lots of stuff about Jeffree’s products being crappy but that has not been my experience. I actually didn’t use lipstick every day until I tried the Velour Liquid Lipsticks because they don’t have to constantly be reapplied. I love the products, I have never had any trouble with any of them. Like any brand, some stay for longer than others, but they are not drying, only the very lightest shades are patchy, and they are well worth the $18 price point.

I have disabled comments on this post because I don’t want a bunch of hate and “Your [sic] a racist” comments from people who don’t bother to actually read what I have written. If you want to send me hate you can easily find me on social media.

My First Anti Haul New Popular Summer 2017 Makeup I Won’t Be Buying

So many new must-have makeup products coming out summer 2017

I don’t know how you can ever choose! Unfortunately I do not have an unlimited makeup budget so I do have to choose which items to pick up this season.

My very first anti-haul video I talk about what I’m not buying this season

I have chosen a few products that I will be buying but unfortunately that means that there are a lot more products that I can’t afford to buy. What’s your annual makeup budget? I’m already platinum at Ulta for 2018 and I just subscribed to Boxycharm so  I have to be pretty careful because now with Play! by Sephora that’s $31 a month in subscription boxes which isn’t a ton of money but it starts to add up after a while.

How much money should you spend on makeup in a year?

This leads me to wonder, how much money SHOULD you spend on makeup in a year? At what point does it get excessive? I don’t know, I have friends who are VIB Rouge at Sephora.

Makeup i am not buying anti haul

This anti-haul includes Juvia’s Place Magic palette, Urban Decay Naked heat palette, Jouer Skinny Dip bundle, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop special edition, Natasha Denona Sunset palette, and Kat Von D KVD beauty Alchemist palette.

Is Your Cruelty Free Makeup Really Cruelty Free?

I mentioned this in my last YouTube video and said that I blogged about it. Oops! I realized I actually just posted about it on my facebook page. So I decided to blog about it since I’ve told people I did. This began because I got into a discussion on a facebook beauty group about parent companies of all our favorite beauty brands.

Nars the multiple cream blush stick orgasmWho owns Which makeup companies?

The vast majority of most makeup companies, even if they started out independent, sell to a larger parent company. It’s not just a money-making thing, it also helps to get your favorite hard to find or internet brands into stores like Sephora and Ulta. Even Morphe recently sold 60% of their company! Companies that don’t even seem huge sell for BILLIONS. Wow!

Three companies own most of the makeup you love

The big three are Estee Lauder, Loreal Paris, and LVMH (aka Louis Vuitton.) No surprises there, we all know these names. However, none of these companies are animal friendly.  Obviously LV is known for leather bags. Estee Lauder tests on animals. Loreal Paris claims they have discontinued animal testing back in 2013 but Cruelty Free Kitty (one of the best resources on the internet for cruelty free beauty product information!) breaks down the truth on their website.

What’s the difference between Cruelty free and vegan makeup

It’s pretty simple, cruelty free means it is not tested on animals. Vegan means it contains no animal by-products. This is important for people who are vegan and want no animal products in their homes/bodies/lives as opposed to animal lovers who don’t want animals to be tortured and killed for their beauty products but have no problems eating a hamburger.

Marc Jacobs Beauty ‑ Style Eye‑con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow Palette ‑ The Tease 202 ‑ Purple PinkLouis Vuitton owns Sephora

Let’s just state this right here. If you want to make sure that literally none of your money goes to a company that harms/kills animals you can’t shop at Sephora period. LVMH owns the Sephora makeup store chain. LVMH also owns:

  • Benefit
  • Makeup forever
  • Kendo
  • Kendo is a parent company itself, it owns Bite beauty
  • Kat von D
  • Marc Jacobs beauty
  • Formula X

So at the risk of being personally attacked let me make it perfectly clear: Kat Von D beauty might be vegan and cruelty free but

When you buy kat von d products your money goes to companies that kill animals. bottom line.

Some people say, well you can’t avoid all parent companies, I am ok knowing that this liquid lipstick I am using right now was not tested on animals and is vegan. That is ok too. This is not to attack anyone, this is just to inform. You could take it a even further and say well, Jeffree Star Cosmetics isn’t owned by any parent company and is vegan and cruelty free but Jeffree buys LV purses so my money is going to animal cruelty then too. Like I said, this is not to say you should not buy any of these products this is simply to inform. I support JSC and KVD cosmetics myself, I buy products from both. Source here. Read a very detailed breakdown of KVD and animals over at Cruelty Free Kitty.

Estee Lauder ownsMAC Fruity Juicy 2017 Summer Collection eye shadow x 6 Oh My Banana Palette

  • Becca
  • Glamglow
  • Bobbi brown
  • Smashbox
  • Too faced
  • Clinique
  • MAC

Source here.

Loreal Paris Owns

  • Urban decay
  • Kiehls
  • It cosmetics
  • Maybelline
  • Essie
  • NYX
  • Vichy
  • The Body Shop (brand/store)

Source here.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Summer Collection Velour Liquid Lipstick Limited Edition ReviewHow can I make sure I buy 100% cruelty free makeup and beauty products?

Support an independent 100% online brand. Of course, like I mentioned above unless you know how the CEO spends their money, maybe they are buying hamburgers or leather shoes. Truthfully if you make an effort to buy products that are vegan and cruelty free you are making a difference. I do feel personally torn on using products from Estee Lauder but I’m not sure where I need to draw the line for myself. I am not vegan so it’s hard to decide even though I am 100% against animal testing.

My favorite cruelty free resources

The two favorite online sources are Cruelty Free Kitty and Phyrra Pale Girl Beauty!

Concealing To Hide Fine Lines and Wrinkles

I get really heated when I see Youtubers and Beauty gurus around my age (36) telling women that we are too old to do anything. Isn’t this like not wearing white after labor day, y’all?! Old, antiquated, ridiculous rules that mean nothing for us millennials. Come on now. I’m old but I ain’t stupid.

Yes You can use concealer in your 30s and 40s

I have seen women say that in your 30s and older you cannot bake; you can’t use concealer like ShapeTape; you can’t use powdered highlighter.. Enough! In my latest video I am showing you dos and don’ts so that you can hide your fine lines and wrinkles rather than accentuating them. I also have really dark circles, so I also color correct as part of my routine. Check it out!

Make your skin look perfect, younger, and glowing

Key products I use in this video:

  • Benefit Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer shade 01
  • Catrice Wake up effect concealer
  • Tarte Shapetape contouring concealer Fair & Fair Neutral
  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous foundation 810 Classic Ivory
  • Up & Up beauty blender, Ulta brand mini beauty blenders
  • NYX Mineral “Set it & don’t fret it” Matte finishing power light/medium
  • Tarte Amazonian clay Smooth Operator translucent powder
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette
  • Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye
  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Lotion
  • Bioderma Sensibio eye

Brand Review and First Impression Colourpop Cosmetics

I have been dying to try the very popular internet cosmetics brand Colourpop. It is a favorite of Instagrammers and YouTubers, and I wanted a chance to see for myself if it is really as good as everyone says.

The Colourpop Items that I bought

Super shock eye shadow

  • Cusp
  • Amanda Steele x Colourpop, Hydroplane
  • Mooning
  • Weenie

Ultra Satin Lipstick

  • Panda
  • Barracuda
  • 3-way
  • London Fog
  • Frick & Frack
  • Strip
  • Dopey

Pressed Eye Shadow:

  • Stay Golden
  • High Strung
  • Making Moves
  • Pep Talk
  • Fair play
  • Sauvage
  • Pinky Promise
  • Get Out

My First Impression of Colourpop

What  the video for swatches and all my first impressions but overall I like the shadows and am unimpressed with the Ultra Satin. The colors are great but the formula does not dry down 100% which is something that drives me crazy about liquid lipsticks.

Unboxing My First Play! by Sephora Subscription Box

I unboxed my very first Sephora play box, May 2017, see my first impressions!

What was in the Play By Sephora Box

My May 2017 box included:

  • Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask
  • Nudestix Magnetic Matte Lipcolor Greystone
  • Trestique Highlight and Perfect Multipurpose Stick
  • Belif USA Hungarian Water Essence
  • Tatcha Pure One-step Camellia Cleansing Oil
  • Tocca Stella perfume

My favorite item in the box was the Nudestix matte lipcolor, however the color was very unflattering. The greystone color was more like a reddish brown on me and actually matched my eyebrows perfectly! 😦 The formula of the lipstick itself was very good, I was impressed at how it went on and also how long it lasted.

Is Sephora Play Worth it?

The Play subscription box is $10 and I felt that it was a very good value. I need to subscribe for a few months to be able to make a good decision for myself. I felt like this first box included a lot of skincare items which is not necessarily what I am looking for, I prefer makeup. I will definitely blog about my June box although I might not unbox it on YouTube.